Product & Service

TVMS (Total vehicle management solution)

Today’s severe business environment calls for new innovation in how companies manage vehicles. Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service provides its own “Total Vehicle Management Solution (TVMS).” The process begins with a comprehensive review of vehicle management from every perspective to find optimal strategies for streamlining operations. TVMS also introduces frameworks to conform with the principles of corporate social responsibility.

Safe driving Management and Vehicle Accident Reduction

Based on the actual vehicle use, your company can reduce vehicle accidents, establish safe driving management system and efficiently utilize vehicle operation.

Operation Efficiency of Vehicle Management

By outsourcing bothersome operations involved in vehicle purchase, maintenance and management, your company can reduce work and effectively utilize human resources.

Environmental Management

Our vehicle leasing service supports corporate environmental measures such as CO2 emission reduction programs and the introduction of energy-saving vehicles.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We offer assistance and support in compliance operations, from insurance subscriptions to periodic inspection, registration management, management of driving logs and compliance with laws and regulations.

Vehicle-related Expense Reduction

Your company can reduce vehicle-related expense such as vehicle purchase, maintenance and fuel purchase by benefeting from out economy of scale.