Product & Service

Operating leasing

The lessee will utilize the vehicle and return the vehicle after leased up, or exercise option to purchase. The monthly cost will be recorded as an expense of the lessee. Operating Leasing with Full Maintenance (Maintenance leasing) is our core service. Maintenance leasing service centralizes procedures for taking care vehicle and helps to significantly Reduce Administrative Work and Funds

All taxes


Arrangement for spare vehicle

Experienced and Trustworthy

Contract of insurance

Maintenance facilities

24 hours emergency call center

Benefit of maintenance leasing

Job Reduction

  • Reduce major vehicle-management-related jobs

  • Remain the highest level of efficiency

Safety and Reliability

  • Leased vehicles are periodically checked and maintained by professionals to ensure safety use

  • Prompt assistance with roadside service, spare vehicle service, or other services required

Cost Control

  • Pay expenses more conveniently with a constant Monthly Lease rent

  • Increase company’s cash flow performance

Type of maintenance leasing

New car leasing

You can select car models available in market to suite your need

Used car leasing

If you are looking for more economical car leasing, SMAT’s Used Car Leasing is an appealing alternative for you. We have in stock “certified” used cars with optional maintenance service and full insurance. If you need more detail, please contact us.


“Leaseback” (or Sale-Leaseback) is another way to replace your fleet asset with leasing contract at one time. SMAT will buy your vehicle fleet at reasonable market price and then lease them back to you under mutual set-up leasing condition. This leaseback method allows you to make full use of vehicles without tying up capital and improve your immediate liquidity accordingly.

*Exclusive for SMAT customer.
  • Fee service

    We care about customer convenience to use M-Flow. We are pleased to support you with our Best Service. 

    SMAT M-Flow Management Service 

    Service 1: Monthly Management by SMAT account
    Service 2: Registration Service for the Customer account
    Service 3: Payment Service for M-Flow toll fee and Penalty Charge (For non-member)

    Fine Ticket Management

    We manage fine tickets and payment service for customers to avoid pending tickets that may cause future risks. We follow Thailand law and regulations.