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Total vehicle management solution

Today’s severe business environment calls for new innovation in how companies manage vehicles. Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service provides its own “Total Vehicle Management Solution (TVMS).” The process begins with a comprehensive review of vehicle management from every perspective to find optimal strategies for streamlining operations. TVMS also introduces frameworks to conform with the principles of corporate social responsibility.

SMAT's Product

*Exclusive for SMAT customer.
  • Fee service

    We care about customer convenience to use M-Flow. We are pleased to support you with our Best Service. 

    SMAT M-Flow Management Service 

    Service 1: Monthly Management by SMAT account
    Service 2: Registration Service for the Customer account
    Service 3: Payment Service for M-Flow toll fee and Penalty Charge (For non-member)

    Fine Ticket Management

    We manage fine tickets and payment service for customers to avoid pending tickets that may cause future risks. We follow Thailand law and regulations. 

SMAT's Services

We are consultative auto leasing and fleet management expert, we provide Total Vehicle Management Solution by utilizing our original infrastructure and know-how for total cost down of vehicle management.