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Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Leasing & Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a consultative auto leasing and fleet management expert, we provide Total Vehicle Management Solution by utilizing our original infrastructure and know-how for total cost down of vehicle management.

We categorize our business into 2 basic forms, Operating Leasing and Financial Leasing. When leasing a vehicle, the lessee signs agreement with us for the use of vehicle which subject to terms and conditions mentioned in Lease Agreement for a specified period and at a specified payment.

These 2 leasing types share different characteristic in terms of legal ownership of the vehicle. Operating Leasing : the lessee will utilize the vehicle and return the vehicle after leased up, or exercise option to purchase. The monthly cost will be recorded as an expense of the lessee. Please check out detail for Operating Leasing with Full Maintenance (Maintenance leasing) which is our core service. Financial Leasing : ownership will be transferred to lessee once leasing contract expired and the customers buy back the vehicle at residual value price then asset will be transferred, and for accounting procedure, lessee must record the vehicle as company asset and will deduct the depreciation of the asset.


New Car Leasing: You can select car models available in market to suite your need.

Used Car Leasing: If you are looking for more economical car leasing, SMAT’s Used Car Leasing is an appealing alternative for you. We have in stock “certified” used cars with optional maintenance service and full insurance. If you need more detail, please contact us.

Lease-Back: “Lease-Back” or “Sale and Leaseback” is another way to replace your fleet asset with leasing contracts at one time. SMAT will buy your vehicle fleet at reasonable market price and then lease them back to you under mutual set-up leasing condition. This Leased-Back method allows you to make full use of vehicles without tying up capital and improve your immediate liquidity accordingly.


Today’s severe business environment calls for new innovation in how companies manage vehicles. Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service provides its own “Total Vehicle Management Solution (TVMS).” The process begins with a comprehensive review of vehicle management from every perspective to find optimal strategies for streamlining operations. TVMS also introduces frameworks to conform with the principles of corporate social responsibility.