SMAT has run a business and has a relationship with Thai society for 20 years. Our responsibilities throughout the 20 years are providing reliable auto leasing and high quality of service to customers and contributing to Thai society. We are grateful for the wholeheartedly support from all of our stakeholders, and of course our valued customers for this successful journey. ​

We’ve seen dramatic changes in the world today, severe weather, the aging society, the inequality, the evolution of digital technology. In order to respond perceptively to those changes and be the first to provide new value that meets our customers’ needs, we continue learning, adapting and developing ourselves, as well as listening to our customer. At the same time, we have a strong awareness of how important sustainable development is.​

SMAT will continue to challenge ourselves, and work together with all our stakeholders to build a sustainable future.​​

Takeshi Minoguchi​

SMAT determines and emphasizes on sustainable development by integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations in all 17 goals into its operation and recognizing the importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles


We recognize that our operations and everyday life may impact on the environment one way or another. Hence, we committed to taking an environmentally responsible approach to CSR activities such as mangrove forest planting and waste management ​


Human capital is at the heart of enhancing the Company’s competitive edge. Also, work efficiency and work achievement are reflected by the level of employee engagement. As such, employee management is an integral part of the Company’s business operations.​

Moreover, we aim to contribute toward social issues by supporting communities and society in many ways​


The Company believes that good governance is a foundation for the business. Consequently, integration of ESG strategy into day-to-day business operations is the key success factor for the Company’s sustainable growth.​

To ensure good governance, the Company adheres to operate the business with fully comply with laws and regulations where we have operations​